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We are a one stop solution for all your business needs.

Our commitment at PHN is to meet your business needs promptly, leveraging our extensive 400 million customer base. Equip users with customized view and access authorizations to requests, problems, changes, contracts, assets, solutions, and reports with our adept professionals.

At PHN, we're committed to providing customized solutions. With a decade's effort, we've built a customer base of nearly 400 million, making us the ideal partner for businesses seeking growth. We can streamline your P&L with cost-effective marketing, leveraging our vast audience for product adoption. Our compensation model is tailored to align with your business needs.

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We're your technology empowerment partner, providing software development workshops in Pune, Kolhapur, and Mumbai, engaging 100+ colleges and 50k+ students. With our expertise and creative solutions, we've helped 5+ clients outshine their competitors while focusing on their core missions."


In the realm of IoT and Robotics, we're a dynamic force throughout Pan-Maharashtra. Engaging with 400+ colleges and 100+ students, we've empowered 20+ clients to through technologically


We serve Pan-Maharashtra as your trusted partner in IoT and Robotics. Engaging 400+ colleges, 100+ students, and 20+ clients, we drive technological excellence."


In the Middle East and APAC, our Ed-Tech journey has begun, revolutionizing accessible learning for all. With a growing network of 200+ clients, our ultimate destination is empowering 1M+ users. Come with us on this journey of change."


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