Android Development

Overview of Android development

Android is a linux based operating system for devices such as smartphones,tablets,. Android is developed by Google and currently the OHA (Open Handset Alliance) is authority operating Android.Java programming language is used to write the code for Android applications along with other languages. The important features why android is most trending are:

  1. Android is open-source.
  2. Anyone can do the modifications or development in Android.
  3. Due to open source nature variety of applications made by different users are available to the users.
  4. It provides many interesting features like weather details, opening screen, live RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds etc.
  5. It provides support for messaging services(SMS and MMS), web browser, storage (SQLite), connectivity (GSM, CDMA, Blue Tooth, Wi-Fi etc.), media, handset layout etc.

We provide Job-oriented training courses on Android Development. Also the projects on Android are heartly welcomed. Android is most recent technology and thus there is a vast scope for development in Android. We are to explore these opportunities and get the best from it to all of you.