At PHN Technology Pvt Ltd it is our endeavor to ensure all the students from grade level 1st and above are introduced to these key concepts. We work with schools across the country to implement training programs that focus on these key aspects of industry needs.

We have programs designed for every grade and age level which is offered to students both as a regular program and as a post school activity. In addition to ensuring every child is exposed to these key concepts it is also our focus to identify top talent amongst students and expose them to competitions at a national and international level.


IoT Aided Robotics Application

The ongoing revolution of Internet of Things (IoT), together with the growing diffusion of robots in many activities of every day life, makes IoT-aided robotics applications a tangible reality of our upcoming future.

Convergence of IoT in Robotics

With the expeditious growth of technology, robotics seems to be the new literature of the world. The idea of digitalizing machines, automation and computers is making robotics to grow at a faster velocity.

Vitality of Robotics

It is very difficult to distinguish robots from other machines; robots can be defined as machines that are capable of perform variety of task with more autonomy and degree of freedom (DoF) than humans.

IoT Mobile Robot system

Robot trajectory prediction is an essential part of building digital twin systems and ensuring the high-performance navigation of IoT mobile robots.