Training & Education

At PHN we focus on ensuring we are providing industry relevant training programs to ensure our candidates are job ready.

Our methodology is to take a very critical look at the curriculum being offered for different courses across the spectrum of degree courses. We identify relevance of the topics being offered and marry the aspirations of the candidates with the specialization they want to pursue and design a customized learning offering for candidates in different streams of education.

We believe that for learners to be job ready we need to train them based on the core requirements of the company they would want to work for. The candidates are asked for their top 3 companies of choice, and we identify the company’s core skillset requirements and put together a learning track customized for every company and learners needs.

Training & Education

Continuous Learning

Continuous learning is the ability to learn to learn. Learning need not be a linear event where a learner goes to a formal learning program, gains areas of knowledge and skills about a process, and then the learning ceases.


This term is often interpreted as the activity when an expert and learner work together to effectively transfer information from the expert to the learner (to enhance a learner’s knowledge, attitudes or skills) so the learner can better perform a current task or job.


The development often includes a wide variety of methods, e.g., orienting about a role, training in a wide variety of areas, ongoing training on the job, coaching, mentoring and forms of self-development.


Perceptions are a way of interpreting or coming to understand something. When people are stuck in solving a problem, it is often because they are stuck in how they see the situation.