We are a one stop solution for all your business needs.

At PHN we are extremely committed to designing solutions for our clients that help them meet their business needs in a time bound manner.
We have a customer base which ranges close to 400 million customers that has been built over a period of the last decade. We are the right choice for organizations that need to scale their businesses by leveraging our already existing customer base to meet their business outcomes We have ability to impact your P&L positively by keeping marketing costs for you minimalistic as we have the potential to ensure reach to our large customer base and ensure implementation and adoption of your products. We boast about our ability of ensuring your business needs are met and tied to our compensation model.

Why Choose Us

We are a one stop solution for all your business needs.

Let your business be related to technology, a mechanical workshop, a law firm, a consultancy firm or coaching class, you will need a website to publish your data to the world. Also now a days mobile applications are a popular way to become known among users. We are available to do all this for you. Just visit us and all your technical needs will be managed by us. We will provide you the best possible result!

Proven Track Record

We have been associated with thus business for the last 10 years and have always managed to meet and exceed customer expectations. We have worked with 500+ clients in the last 10 years and can proudly boast that every single client that we have serviced has always chosen to continue to do business with us over the years

Competitive Pricing Strategy

It is our fundamental belief that every offering we design for our clients needs to be right priced while maintaining quality standards. We focus on pricing our products competitively many a times sacrificing our margins to ensure that our clients find value in doing business with us

Our Mission

There's this notion that to grow a business, you have to be ruthless. But we know there's a better way to grow. One where what's good for the bottom line is also good for customers. We believe businesses can grow with a conscience, and succeed with a soul. That's why we've created an ecosystem which unites software, education, and community to help businesses grow better every day.

Our Story

We are an outsourced growth Software Development company. We started in 2013 as a Robotics company and we thought we were headed to the promised land with that business model. By 2018, we realized that the industry was changing. It was taking more and more effort to win online, and we were trying everything, using every tool, and still coming up short with our clients. We knew we needed to pivot and help our clients with a more holistic solution for growth. We managed to do that successfully.